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Password Protection Utility

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I was browsing one of the blogs that I read from time to time, and noticed a utility posting for a program called KeePass!

It's an open source application that stores and manages your passwords for you.  I was really impressed with it.. it's fast, convenient and allows exporting of your passwords.  Above all - it seems safe and uses some of the best encryption methods available.

If you're looking for an excellent, free, secure, and open source password management tool [Windows only, it looks like] then this one looks like a fantastic tool to use.  It also auto-writes your username & passwords to a webpage with a single click!! 

For me, this means that I can A: change my passwords to more secure entities and not have to worry about remembering them all.

P.S.  I'm not sure the above is such-a-good idea :P

P.S.S.  I switched to using Windows Live Writer for writing posts in this blog, and I'm quite happy with it so far!

- Matthew

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